Forge a deep belief in yourself to create an unshakable power from within

Our thoughts have power. Our beliefs have power. WE have power—to channel a vast inner capacity to create the life we want. Yet we rarely test these bounds. We willingly and unknowingly give it away. UnshakableMe™ is for people who want to find it, connect with it, and live it out loud.

This course is for women who...

  • Feel trapped under the weight of deprioritizing themselves in the services of others.
  • Want more from life but don't have the energy or time to explore what that could be.
  • Are depleted, disempowered or burned out.
  • Who are struggling with health or body image.
  • Put their lives on hold for families, parents, work and other responsibilities.
  • Have lost belief in their power and quiet the inner voice of change.
  • Wake up in the middle of their lives in a career that is no longer fulfilling but lack the confidence and belief in themselves to start again.
  • Want the freedom to live a meaningful life for themselves without the guilt.
  • Are ready to invest in themselves to transform their lives.

What if...

you could create a life that excites you?

A life full of possibility.

With the wisdom of having lived half your life.

Built upon an unshakable belief in yourself.

A life where you dissolve the negative stories inherited and created over years.

A life where you are a priority.

A life where you create the narrative.

A life where you feel safe to take risks into the unknown.

A life where your voice is free.

A life filled with joy and abundance

A life where you ignite your power.

Why UnshakableMe™

What makes our program unique?

This program is not a quick fix  —  tools, techniques or tips that promise to change your life in 5 minutes a day. It is not a prescriptive list of practices, it is deeply personal and can produce radical change

UnshakableMe™ is about guiding you on your path toward a connected, vibrant, daring, comfortable-in-your-own-skin, thriving, unshakable you. We help you sort through and let go of the patterns keeping you stuck to discover and ignite your power to create and feel the life you want.

You are making an investment in you — a commitment to you — because you want a measurable shift in your life. A shift from scarcity to abundance.  A shift from the limits of fear and anxiety to create a life you love because you have forged an unshakable foundation within yourself.   

The focus of UnshakableMe™ is to insource your power by deepening your belief in and connection to yourself — which deepens connections with others and results in feeling more joy, ease and freedom.  

Because old patterns can bring up resistance to change, we offer support and provide evidence-based tools to regulate your nervous system and enliven self-acceptance. 

This program is not right for everyone.

But...for people who are stuck, sick of the status quo, want to realize a different, better future, want deep change in their lives from the inside out and are willing to make the time, transformation is waiting for you.

Participation and a commitment to yourself and this process is vital to the success of creating your UnshakableMe™

What is UnshakableMe™

This program consists of six weekly classes lasting 60-75 minutes with a mixture of instruction, in-class exercises and nervous system calming techniques, and homework assignments to integrate and apply the material.

  • Evidence-based content and exercises.

  • Membership in private Facebook community for support during the course.

  • Support from instructor in weekly video sessions.

  • PDFs of homework exercises to maximize application of content.

  • Exercises to practice independently to calm the nervous system for integration of new concepts.

Meet Heidi Blackie


I was stressed out, overwhelmed, depleted and was living beyond my limits—for years— until I got sick. I battled chronic illnesses for 13 years—and still do. Every day was about survival. I lost all belief in myself and my body to heal, to find a path forward and return to a "normal" life. What I didn't realize, is that committing to belief in myself and releasing stuck patterns ignited an unshakable power that not only helped me heal, but has radically changed my life and has brought more joy, confidence and energy than I have ever had. During my 25 years as an Occupational Therapist, I have helped thousands of people heal and find their power to recover their lives. We all have the capacity to live from a place of inner freedom, and transformation is possible for anyone who is ready. I want to help you find your UnshakableMe.